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Be the best (you can be).

I'm watching the best of the best...the athletes participating in the Olympics. It's incredible what these folks have accomplished, often under some extreme circumstances. I cannot comprehend what it takes (and means) to be the best in the world. I just start thinking about it and my brain just shuts down. But it's more than who we see on our televisions. I'm also thinking about the best of the best who are running every detail behind the Olympic scenes: the staff, the camera people, the folks that designed the (underwater) cameras, these are the people (the Olympians, in my mind) that we never see. For many of us, just getting through a day and/or night is all we can do. But we keep striving, despite the setbacks or falls. Life is a balance (beam). It always is. It always will be. I may take home honors or not. It's a miracle that I even get home. But the friends that surround me (us) are priceless. I (we) need to let them know that. "By the grace