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How does my garden grow?

I was talking to my gardener, Sal, the other day. He does landscaping, makeovers, planting, and he has a crew. I call on him to remake properties that have gone awry, are ignored, or are in need some life. He literally raises the dead (garden)! I'm not sure how long Sal has worked for me. I'm not sure how we met...but I know it was by a friend who I can trust. What other friends are there? He may have started sometime after Carl passed on. Back in the day, I used to do all of the yard work, front and back, myself. Well, most everything...except the pruning of the big hedges, the large apple tree, the big tropical bush with the giant stickers on the thin stems, and the rest of the perimeter trees/bushes. I would call professional pruners to get that done. But Sal does all of it these days. Except the roses. I claim that for myself, and if I prune them wrong, it's my fault. When it's my month (3 or 4 times per year) to do flowers for our church services, I try to pi