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Don't get me wrong....I'm not turning into a foodie. I'm becoming a 'don't-waste-food-if-I-don't- have-to' person. I was looking inside my refrigerator this past week and my eyes fell on some eggs and some (almost expired) cottage cheese. And some leftovers. And some home-grown tomatoes. And mozarella cheese. And some crusty sourdough bread (note that I said crusty, not moldy). And outside it felt like we just skipped autumn (it's not even here according to the calendar), and went straight into winter. And then I remembered.... Cottage Cheese Pancakes! That's how I used up my cottage cheese and eggs. My good friend (and one of my bridesmaids back in the day) Lori Ellen Fouts gave this recipe to me (in her own handwriting). I would make these for the family. But it had been years since I last made them. And you only need to use 1/2 cup of flour! So I made a batch of pancakes on my cast iron griddle and had them for a late lunch and for di