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What's inside these little boxes.....

I imagine you may have counted how many bottles you are sharing with your shower. No? Well, in my life, the bottles take up all of the shelf space in my shower and when they fall over they take up the floor space in my shower. I have a plastic bottle full of gel to wash with, a plastic tube full of face cleaner, a plastic bottle full of Head and Shoulders Shampoo (I buy the super big Costco size that comes in huge plastic packs of two), another plastic bottle full of purple shampoo that makes my white hair shine, and a plastic bottle of conditioner. I am slowly using them up. They are being replaced by a gift that Sutter bought for me from New Zealand, produced by Ethique . Check out their website! So now I've added the two boxes to the soaps, gels, shappoo, and conditioner. But the boxes fit on top of each other. One is a bar of shampoo, one is a bar of conditioner. Cute, colorful, solid...and they are in my shower! Daugher Sutter, who lives in New Zealand with her Ki