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Thank goodness it's almost Thanksgiving

I don't know about you, but the election has made an impact on me. Not that I've been out silently demonstrating on the sidewalk with a group, or have taken to the schools with posters. But in trying to balance it out in my is what I am thinking: The world may be ending...but I expect it will not. Every body is affected. The President has never been the only person in charge. Is there any individual that can handle all of the big issues alone? I don't think so. Us little folks / peons are the backbone of the country. Stand straight. Sometimes it does take a village. Other times it just takes one, unegotistical, person to make a point. Actions speak louder than words. Now that's a H-U-G-E deal.  Disasters happen, but human beings work to make it less disastrous. The stories that have been written since the election are so moving, so powerful. We need to pay attention to the stories.  And we will move forward and m