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Waves of ch ch ch changes.

Things change. Sometimes 'the thing' changes quickly. Sometimes it takes 40+ years. But life is not stationary, immovable, or stagnant. Jaws , as I saw it, in Maui 2004. Check out the surfer on the back wave! I prefer to see life as a wave: Always foaming. Always forming, Always reforming. Maybe I get wiped out. Maybe I don't take enough air in when I'm swamped..and think I'm not coming up for a breath. But so far, so good...and I've got no reason to think otherwise. When traditions seem to not be, when habits become so expected, then it is time for a shift, a new view. The questions seem to run rampant. What am I afraid of? Where does the fear come from? Is the water too cold for me to even get my toes wet? FEAR (as I told a 4th grader in my Sunday School class) is False Evidence Appearing Real. It's an illusion.    And when he started working with that concept, he found out for himself that what was frightening to him, actually was never