I just call out your name....

...and you'll come running! (my version of the Carole King song).

I am not an early waker. But on a recent Saturday morning, I was up and about in my pj's,walking outside, wearing my bright yellow, oversized, foul weather gear sailing jacket, and some rain-type shoes, at 7am. I didn't care what I looked like. And inspite of what I think...nobody else cares either.

I just wanted to see what the storm had done overnight. This was not just a regular storm, it was maybe the worst in 25-30 years per the weather experts.

(We actually have an etched concrete piece on the side of the house that reminds us of when we went through the El Nino, in 1998!)
After 2 days of heavy rain, I finally went downstairs to do some laundry and get some cleaning stuff.

Bad news. Squish squish, on the carpeted floors. Immediately I looked up, to see if there was a water leak coming from the ceiling. Thank goodness, no!

I walked around some more.  Squish, squish, and more squish.

More bad news...I was having a crab feed at my house that evening.  More, more, bad, bad news....it was a holiday weekend.
I have often wondered why I keep so many oversized beach 'rag' towels in my laundry room. Now I remembered why. I pulled out every one and spread them out and tromped all over them, soaking up the water. I set a fan up (large for home, but small compared to the industrial versions).

I began a non-stop cycle of wringing water out of the towels and putting them directly into the dryer. Over and over and over. No time for washing.

I couldn't find any wet marks on the walls and then (and this is when I really start to believe what I tell myself), I decided the ground was so saturated, and the lower floor was below grade...it must be coming in from the concrete floor. ARRRGH!
I quieted myself down. I called...

A D O L P H O (S)

My carpet cleaners, Adolfo Sr. and Adolfo Jr.

They came over on Monday, sucked up the water (it had stopped raining after 7 days worth), cleaned the downstairs carpet, and set out the big, womping blowers. Those ran non-stop for 72 hours, with me making slight directional adjustments, in order to sure the was carpet dry. Sr. and Jr. and I have gone through this drill maybe 3-4 times in the last 30 years at this house.

Back to Dungeness Crab Saturday...
My gang of friends came over about 4:30 and brought all the extras that great crab dinners have, like spring rolls, and desserts! Three cheese cakes: lemon and Kahula and apple pie cheese cakes  (yes indeedy).

The party was wonderful and it has become an annual thing I do for a specific group of very special friends. Except for the picking the crab out of the shells, which is very serious, there was loads of laughter.

I was still cleaning up the next day, and still stomping on the towels, then drying them.

Next  I called out for...

My plumber...he always shows up with his super-small, mini-to-the-max, black dog, Miho. But his truck is major. He has a boomin' biz in Alameda. He's quite quick with the plumber jokes and always seems to make light of whatever disaster I may be facing. Turns out the rain was flowing inside from the light-wells (windows), not up from the ground.

The 'windows' on this level, are called light-wells. They are set into a portion of the foundation. They swing outward onto a raised concrete deck, which has bars around it, so those on the outside can't fall in. The lightwells let in the natural light plus gives guests easy egress, if something bad happens. 
Instead of having Ethan show up for his annual visit to clear the drains, I didn't really believe that the rain would show up, much less be so consistently non-stop. My bad.

After 5 years of drought, the weeds, roots, and leaves still clogged up the drains leading toward the street. By the time he was finished on Tuesday the drains were flowing freely.

What seems so bad, isn't always. How good it is to have great friends. How fortunate I am, that when I may call, they do come running.

live richly, marilyn


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