You light up my life.

I was talking with a member on the staff of the best bike store in town. He knew I was wearing the new helmet that I had spoken so highly about. He was impressed!

It arrived just before Christmas. Although not a gift, it sure seemed like it!

There are over 60 LED lights in this. It is super comfortable. And the turn signals for the helmet on are the handlebars close to my left fingers.

My son and his family were visiting so I allowed (begged) Evan to put the wireless turn signal on my handle bars, while I played with Cadel (their toddler), and Erin (Cadel's mom)! The batteries were charged and I was rarin' to go.

Pictures say more than words! Everywhere I ride, I get looks, not for me, but for the helmet!

Congratulations Lumos Helmet! Click on the link and you'll see the video. It was well worth the wait...especially when I ride around town at night to city council meetings and the like!

Live richly (and safely)! marilyn



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