Just shut up.

Listen more and say less. 

This was a phrase that I used recently while typing an email to my clients. I told them this was my motto these days.

As I was riding my bike I had to stop and take this photo. Spring is busting out all over!
Today, everybody today wants to be heard. Thus, with all of our devices and apps everybody is screaming to anybody who will listen. But nobody is really listening, because they are too busy talking, yelling, tweeting, etc. 


"Marilyn, you've been rather quiet during this. It doesn't seem like you at all. I've know you for years and you've always had an opinion, and have let people know it. I'd like to hear what you are thinking about this situation."

This was a very serious meeting. But it had been a while since this gentleman and I had been to a meeting together -maybe even years. I respect his opinons, as well. In rather short order, I made my position clear.


It drives me crazy, when I'm attending a meeting and everybody is talking over every other person, especially in a room where each spoken syllable sounds like we are sitting in a cave. 

As I become 'wiser' (my chosen term) vs. aging (maybe the correct term), I find myself listening to others a lot more than I've ever done. This has been evolving over the last handful of years. I find myself thinking more about how and what I feel about a situation, instead of just taking up airspace by being another voice in the room. 

This novel idea is being reflected all over the world...as we re-learn how to listen, and when to speak. 

The positive effects of thinking through my thoughts, are that more
people listen to me, and I say what I want to say in fewer words. 

HOWEVER, now I need to focus on my facial features: not rolling my eyes and shaking my head in disbelief or frustration. I think that will take a lot more discipline.

Live richly, marilyn


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