Life is like a clothes dryer...

...going round and round and round, yet keeping its contents dry, fluffy, and contained. 

I was without a dryer for a few days over the last weeks, and it was very frustrating. But I got rid of the frustration because I had more important issues to deal with.  And as my husband used to say, 'It is what it is.' And that pretty much sums up most problems. 

But this time I didn't want to live with that saying...'it is what it is.'  IF I really thought life was 'it is what it is,' nothing would ever get done. I would just be satisfied with 'it is what it was.'

Once I hit the start button on the dryer, the rumble started and I flew out of the laundry room, not willing to admit there was an issue. And of course it was all fine once the clothes were dried. But then... my clothes were still wet.

I heaved a very big sigh. I called the appliance shop where I bought the washer & dryer and those guys told me who I should call.

The first time Tim came over he made a valiant try at fixing the dryer. Because the company didn't have the part, Tim decided to modify the existing one. And it worked great but then it didn't. Thus the valiant try.

The second time I called Tim he said he had a lead on the 'much improved' blower wheel and the manufacturer said they'd ship it to him...maybe it would be a week. It was less than a week.

In the meantime, after I washed my clothes, I took my wet items to the local laundromat. It had been quite some time since I last showed up there. Things had changed. There were cards to put into the washer and dryer (slot) machines, but a quarter would work for 10 minutes. I opted for the quarter gig. $1.00 for two turns (two dryers) around the dance floor, and my clothes were dried.

Forrest Gump said "Life is like a box of'll never know what you'll get." For me life IS like a box of chocolates, for sure. However, I saw a bit of a twist in seeing life as like a clothes dryer: it took my life out of the mundane and into the (temporarily) sublime.

And my dryer is sssoooo quiet!

Live richly, marilyn

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