I'm so grateful I don't.....

....commute anywhere, regularly.
Rotor clouds over SF Bay last weekend.

I left my home at 6:15am on Thursday...and I did get to Sacramento by 8:30am for an annual inspirational meeting/bash/get together with 400 of my associates with Fusion Growth Partners (the company that I hang my real estate Broker's license with).

All was well until there was a vehicle incident on the Carquinez Bridge. Well, that slowed the traffic to a stop. My heart though, was with the people involved in the accident. Made me want to drive a bit more deliberately. Well, I actually don't weave in and out of the traffic. It's just a waste of time, gas, and gets me all riled up.

I know how hard the company works to give us excellent speakers. And each one knocked it out of the park today. But why do people act like their own conversations are better than the speaker's?

I introduced myself to my table-mates. When the gig got going, I was very frustrated because they were having their own conversation DURING a speaker's presentation. Finally, before I threw my glass of ice-cold water on them, I just turned to them and said, "Please, take your talk outside of the room." That shut them up.

During lunch we had a nice time chatting about our businesses and our lives. Then, while another speaker was presenting his story their chatter started in again. Once again, I said, "Please, take your conversation somewhere else." And it wasn't just me...their conversation went well beyond our table.

BTW...this situation applies to cell phones, too: people tapping on them, responding to texts, sharing photos, selfies. This drives me crazy! Where are the manners? Oh, yeah, those got tossed out the door when WE became the SERVANTS to the cell phones, which are never more than an arms-length away.

I was able to hit the freeway by 4:15 and there was another vehicle incident as I headed home. That took a lot longer to get through it or around it. And boy, did those single drivers hustle into the carpool lane..a big no-no with big time fines!

Okay. I'm over it. And despite others trying to interupt my day...I am still thinking about what those speakers said to us, and am trying to make some of their messages my own.

Live richly. It's a better/easier way to go.

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