Key to my.....

...heart? No. It's the key to my house.

I was at my front door. I put the key into the lock..and it was stuck. Not the key was stuck in the lock!

OMG! ok ok ok. Just calm down, I told myself. Next thought...what if each of the locks with the same key, don't work? Don't go there, I told myself.

I tried to force it out..not much though...because I didn't want to break the key inside the lock.

Dear Lord, please tell me what to do!

I've never even thought of this, so clearly it wasn't my thought. It came to me to just push in the small circle that surrounds the key. And when I did this the key came out!

Stupid, now that I think about it...but I put the key back into the lock, just to see if pushing the small circle did work! Okay..twice is too many times. But it did work, again.

Since it was after hours, I called the locksmith-ers right away the next day. I've used the shop forever and he had the time to come later that afternoon.

When he arrived I told him what I did to get the key out. He asked me, "How did you know to do that? Nobody knows that this is the way to get the key out."  I let him know that I said a quick prayer to the Big Guy/Lovely Lady above. And it just came to me to push in the circle part.

He looked at me as if I was looney. It didn't matter to me, what he thought. I just did as I was told. He just shook his head, then looked up at me with a smile. He disassembled the lock and fixed it.

I had him check the other locks that use the same key. All was fine at those doors.

Gosh, I wish I had the presence of mind, to act (react) so quickly when things seem stuck. Maybe this was one lesson for me to learn...and maybe I'll be ready when the next lesson comes around.

Live richly, marilyn


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