Turning on the TV and the water-works.

I was a bit weepy in church, well, in Sunday School, last week. Not that my regulars weren't there, (which they weren't there), but because I was going over memories that I had with friends. 

After going to lunch with church-goers, (we go for the company not for the food, and by the way, Carl's Jr. has better tacos than The Bell), I came back home thinking (knowing) that I had three projects that needed to be done in my office. 

So I turned on the TV, and completely ignored my office chores. I saw the Golf Channel and was promptly bored. So I ran through the channels and came across the movie...Forrest Gump. 

Again it was a beautiful spring day...cool, breezy, and if I wasn't doing my office chores, I should have been outside. However, I had just cut some roses and swept the porch the day before, so that took care of the 'outside' stuff. 

I know you know that Forrest Gump was in the Vietnam war. And I realized that his era reflected our lives. We lived through the war, the demonstrations, the casual drugs, the heavy drugs, and the heavy rock music.

Each of the United States presidents (per the internet) who reigned during the Vietnam war era, had their own take on the events of the day, years, decades. And it rather reminded me of today, with the politicians running around and playing up to the players (corporations). 

  • Dwight D. Eisenhower (1953-1961) ...
  • John F. Kennedy (1961-1963) John F. Kennedy was an ardent believer in containing communism and “Domino Theory”. ...
  • Lyndon B. Johnson (1963 – 1969) ...
  • Richard Nixon (1969 -1974) ...
  • Gerald R. Ford (1974 – 1977)

The fragmented views, fierce feelings, people who hated the military, (Carl was in the Navy reserves for six years), and the beards back in the day were precursors to those of today. 
(Carl had a full beard when we were married and shaved it off after we had our daughter Sutter).

Death and life, searching for maximizing life and how to help others move forward. Forrest seemed stupid in brain power but had an innate clarity of what to do and what is right. 

This movie has it all: young kids, loosing a spouse, name-calling, bullying, rewards yet unknown - but waiting to come to fruition. 

I suucumbed to the years, the fears, and I was crying real tears. Bottom line I was bawling. For me this was the perfect way to spend the afternoon. If you haven't seen this flick for years, I'd encourage it. Even on a perfectly wonderful spring day. 

"Stupid is as stupid does."

Have things not changed? At all? One can only hope and pray that it will. 

Live richly, marilyn


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