...and Trump is still in the White House....

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This is posted in a local post office. Welcome and we're closed between 1-2:30pm.
Really? And Trump is still in the White House.

I emailed my accountant, Sam, the following:

Hi Sam,

Hope you and the family are doing well!

I've made xxxxxx this quarter.

Could you please send me the estimated tax form so I can pay it? 

thanks! m

From Sam, 

Here you go.   Leaving on vacation tomorrow until the 23rd. Daughter C graduated from college. Daughter C2 is going back, no end to tuition.  Bought the rental house in April.  Wife R got done with the rehab and rented it in June. Trying to rent the Castro Valley house out by the end of June. My old car broke down and costs $950 to fix. Trump still in the White House.

Life is interesting.  Hope all is well with you and yours.

I emailed my accountant back:

I may be able to turn your response into a blog post (names will be changed to protect the innocent and guilty.)

Life really is stranger than fiction. And Trump is still in the White House.

Live richly,



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