Talk trash, Toni

My dear friend Toni, who cuts my hair, told me this story recently.

She had her car parked in her driveway. An unattended van was blocking her driveway. She knew where the owner of the van lived, along with maybe another 10 folks.

She hollered across the street. No answer.  Then she went to the front door of the house. No answer. But the owner of the van suddenly showed up at the front door.

Quiet evening on my bike. 
The guy came out and Toni went ballistic. Don't you know your van is parked illegally? I've already called the cops. they are now.

The cop was going to write a ticket for the van owners. That would be a $300 ticket. Toni said no. She sent the cop back to whatever he had been doing.

Then she told the (man) van boy...."You owe me. You really owe me. I need some new jeans. You can go to (she named a high-end store) ...and get them. Oh and I want this other stuff, too. She got into her car and drove off.

She heard nothing from the van boy, until the next day. He bought her some new jeans and the other stuff she needed. This time he was very apolgetic. He was very sincere. After all, she saved him $300 bucks.

The result? She told him to take the jeans back to the store.

She wanted to teach him a lesson. The lesson was do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

I bet this van-boy will have this in his head for quite some time. And maybe he will be teaching that extraordinary lesson to somebody else.

Toni may be the richest person I may know. Not in $$$$ but in wisdom.

Live richly (like Toni does), marilyn


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