Uber what?

I have the best nail person EVER! And she makes me crack up. She is slim, is quite active, travels around the world with her husband, and paints small pictures on my toes!

Even though a small local restaurant, The Little House (I sold the lot that the little house was built on), is quite close, and quite good...she hates to take a little walk! It's less than 1/2 block away from the nail shop.

She tells me she would rather go through a drive-thru line or have somebody deliver food to her car. Then Nancy told me about UBER EATS. Uber what?

I had my first experience with Uber when I went down to San Diego. But UBER EATS? Now I'm not an early adapter for anything...and certainly not for newer apps.

But when my Uber driver showed up in the pickup lot for taxis, I was pretty impressed. The car was immaculate. The driver so nice..and it was a far cry from any cab service I had previously used over the years.

Not all restaurants offer this, but Nancy told me that the app works like an Uber ride. See if the restaurant offers Uber Eats, then place your order and you can see your food get picked up by an Uber driver, and deliver it to wherever you are!

UberEats  check this out for your area.  And let me know how it goes. You be an early adapter, not me!

Live (and eat) richly, marilyn


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