Expectations and perfection.

Boats sailing in ocean off of Newport Beach. But it looks like an ocean of sand!


-I buy a pineapple. I paid full price. But when I take it home, it's brown inside, not golden. I toss most of it away.

-I figured out how to use a new program on my computer. I turn the restart button on and nothing looks the same. What' up with dat?

-I've taken two live webinars (the second one today) to try and figure out how another program that's been 'updated' works with respect to my biz. It's a  monversation.  Get it? Not a conversation. I think I'm the only one confused.

-I hire a company to wash my windows inside and out, and power wash the house, annually. Four guys show up. Very nice, with matching shirts. One of them was here last year. Next thing I know, they're powering washing my outdoor wooden storage shed on my back porch...with everything still in it! Electrical cords. Plant food. My garden tools. My baskets. All soaked. I stopped them before they did more damage. I gave them homemade chocolate chip cookies (without nuts) when they left. We all smiled.

-My phone shows me I need to upgrade a program. I try to avoid doing it. I give in. I don't know what that will lead to...but I give up and do it. I hope for the best. It still works.

-People are angry with our government. I think the founders expected that. What they didn't expect was shooting our own innocent citizens. Or ramming cars into crowds. We need definite healing here. Thank goodness the majority of folks are thinking the same way. There is no one way. Everything is a compromise.

-A local agent texted me about a listing of mine, which is pending. His listing needs to get sold. I texted him back.... 'Get in there and face the facts, with the sellers. But don't tell them why it hasn't sold. Just be quiet, and ask them why it hasn't sold. And let there be silence. Don't speak. He texted back 'Yes! Thank you!'

-My plumber was here fixing a leak in the entry way ceiling, that came from a toilet above. That was about a month ago or more. I had the plaster guys over, and they did a great job, matching the ceiling. I had a painter over and he noticed a gray area. It was still leaking. argh. So I called the plumber back. Turns out they should have pressure tested the tub above. There was a small hole in the caulking and once he did that...the water was pouring down. I paid his bill. But I'll be calling him tomorrow to find out why they didn't do that originally. I paid a handyman (worth his weight in gold) to do a beautiful caulking job in the bathroom.


We seem to be mere mortals, here on earth. Yet our expectations need to be high. We can strive for perfection, but I can't imagine we will obtain it here. But like I tell folks, I'd rather continue moving forward, then having to be part of a 'do-over.'

Live richly, marilyn


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