Apples...buh bye. Hurricanes, please go away.

A few weeks ago, I had Sal, my landscaper, and his crew over for at least 3 full days.

To everything there is a season. Turn. Turn. Turn.

It was time for the apple tree to come down. Part of the trunk was dead/dying. The good news was that I couldn't see it. That was also the bad news, because I couldn't see it. After the severe rains this past winter, everything was beaten up on the outside... the paint on the exterior of the house, the carriage house, the apple tree, and me just getting in and out of the car in the wet weather.

To everything there is a season. Turn. Turn. Turn. 

I've made apple pies and applesauce. 

I've sliced up apples using my corer, peeler, and slicing device.

I've kept those sliced apples frozen, until I needed them for dinner or desserts.

I still have the remains of the crop from last year in my freezer.

To everything there is a season. Turn. Turn. Turn.

We've been here nearly 30 years. The apple tree was blooming when we bought the place. I figure it was there 20 years before we arrived.

It's one thing if you choose tear something down yourself. It's quite another if nature does it for you.

Pray for all of the people in Texas, Louisiana, and now Florida. And give as much as we can in prayers and dollars.

Live richly, marilyn


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