Impulse and intuition.

I don't use words as they are intended to be used. Oh well.

Just before I leave on a road trip (like driving to S.CA for fun), these days I put some home-grown roses on my car dashboard.

First, the roses remind me to breathe deeply, no matter what comes along. Second, they smell good. And third, the roses put me into a better or into a good mood.

Last weekend I was speaking with a friend, who has created her niche here on earth as a Career Coach, a Business Coach, and a Life Coach.  I was the beneficiary of her wisdom. She asked me over to speak with her about her house and the options she may have with staying there for more years, moving on, renting it, or selling it.

I really encouraged her to keep it...because we both agreed that the location is great, but it does, like most things (and people), need some effort put into it! What should have lasted about 60-90 minutes, became most of the afternoon, effortlessly.

As I was leaving I mentioned that I do things impulsively. She responded that maybe the word is intuitive, not impulsive. Uh, yeah, that's what the word is. What I did mean, is when I think about what to do's a feeling. I have an impulse to do that 'thing'. Intuition is something we think or ponder over.

That made me look up the words 'adapt,' adept,' and 'adopt.' Our good friend, the IoT (the internet of things), showed me that adapt means to change for a new situation. Adept means something you are  good at, and adopt means 'to take something legally as your own.'

So here's the bottom line. Adapt - I moved my roses from the garden and tossed them onto my dashboard. Adept - I started driving, and I've got some experience doing that. Adopt -I got to my destination. My roses were officially dead. So I tossed them, only after I had made them legally mine.

And the result was:
this view for 7 days.

Live richly, marilyn


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