A really tall tree....

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Sometimes I know exactly what I want to write. Other times, I haven't a clue. I write because it gives me a sense of discipline. It gives me something other than the daily 'stuff'' that flows in, around, and by me.

This past week I wrote to a friend, quite spontaneously, the following:

You have been a really tall tree, in a really dense forest, looking over all the details.

The friend responded immediately, that the family member...

"...has taken a keen interest in trees and has been drawing oak leaves. 
So your tree analogy is perfect."

Image result for oak leaves in fall

Who knew? Certainly, I did not! 

I seem to write with no purpose in mind, but by doing so I find a purpose within 'no purpose.' I think I write because I talk with myself...in my mind (not out loud like a crazy person). I listen better to what others are saying, (except when they just rattle on and that's when I want to run away). 

I'm not too impressed by my own speaking. That's probably why I read my notes when I approach a podium to speak to the city council, or planning board, or a group meeting. 

I write because it becomes clear to me, what I want to say. Writing gives me balance in an unbalanced world. 

Happy, happy holidays!

Per usual, my blogs go into hibernation mode between Thanksgiving and the New Year. 

Live richly, marilyn


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