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Swinging... between the trees.

check out my real estate blog... (may give you some ideas or maybe you can give me some ideas)! NO , I'm not at the zoo watching the monkeys fly among the branches.  I'm watching the palm trees on the street one block away, displaying their gymnastic styling during a recent major storm. While they bend like crazy, they continue to stick the landing, never budging from their intended place on the floor mat (ground). I'm also looking at my apple tree in the back yard, I wonder if the remaining leaves scream at each other, "This is my year! I'm hanging on till there's no one else left up here! I refuse to go down without a fight!" I want to get the gutter person out here, to clear the gutters and drains...and I don't want to do it twice, so I'm waiting on the last of the apples leaves to do their final dismount. With the existing drought (which has lasted 5 years), even though we've gotten rain drops, in 20