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I just call out your name....

...and you'll come running!  (my version of the Carole King song). I am not an early waker. But on a recent Saturday morning, I was up and about in my pj's,walking outside, wearing my bright yellow, oversized, foul weather gear sailing jacket, and some rain-type shoes, at 7am. I didn't care what I looked like. And inspite of what I think...nobody else cares either. I just wanted to see what the storm had done overnight. This was not just a regular storm, it was maybe the worst in 25-30 years per the weather experts. (We actually have an etched concrete piece on the side of the house that reminds us of when we went through the El Nino, in 1998!) After 2 days of heavy rain, I finally went downstairs to do some laundry and get some cleaning stuff. Bad news. Squish squish, on the carpeted floors. Immediately I looked up, to see if there was a water leak coming from the ceiling. Thank goodness, no! I walked around some more.  Squish, squish, and more squish. Mo