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Raining, snowing, hotting, bbbrring.

I can often tell what the weather is doing outside, by the sounds I hear inside. >>>>>>>>>>>>>> For the last few weeks we've had more rain days than sun days. Many of us say the drought is over...but I'm not so sure. It will take years to know if that is true or not. And I suppose the drought is the new normal..until it isn't. After all, CA is an arid climate. And I know I've changed my own personal water habits. A few years ago, I started adding locations to my phone to know what the weather was 'doing' at whatever time it was. Tonight is a wonderful example: A-town (Alameda) 50 degrees and wet Christchurch (NZ) 62 degrees and cloudy (they are ahead of us 1 day, minus 3 hrs. at this time of year and oh, it's also summer there.) Kaanapali, Maui 70 degrees and half-moony (they are behind us 2 hours) Princeville, Kauai 63 degrees and half-moony (they are behind us 2 hours...but it's really rainy