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School Daze v. 2 You go, girls!

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...from the last post...this came to me, for this post.

Back in the high school days, when I was a cheerleader (Senior year), I had the distinct non-pleasure of being in an art class.

Before that event, my first art teacher was a neat guy, Mr. Don Tredway. I think I was a freshman or sophomore. Over the years he was part of the Laguna Beach Sawdust Art Festival...which always is/has been amazing. His specialty was making jewelry (casting silver/gold rings) into his hand-made designs.

He was super likeable. He always told us 'There's a right way, a wrong way, and a Tredway." Said it like it was.

I needed extra units so I took another art class in my senior year. Mr. Cliff Hooper was the art teacher. He was also a very succesful water polo coach at Corona del Mar High. But he seemed to hate me especially, and the other gals on the Pep Squad.

Turns out that he did hate me, because the Pep Squad never went to any of …