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Caring about cars.

I took my Toyota Corolla into the dealership where I bought it, today. The CADEAU (my license plate, in French, which means GIFT), recently celebrated it's 2nd birthday, the last week of 2016. First rose of the season...Double Delight! I haven't washed it for awhile. Heck, it's going to rain again, why bother? It still looks okay on the outside. Inside it's full of shoe and Ugg Boot dirt, pavement debris, used tissues (when I find them under the seat), empty Smints containers, dust on the dash, and bags that have my name on them so I can shop and not use plastic or paper. I don't pay much attention to the miles I drive, because I don't drive that much, unless I go to Costco, maybe drive to San Franscisco, take a road trip to Newport Beach, or head up to Sacto which is only every 3 months or so. It was time for a 5K checkup. I overran it by 2K. Gosh, I did see that warning sign on the instrument panel. Then it disappeared. I'm quite sure I would n