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Best in parade...the whole thing!

Independence Day is always very special to me. When I get out of my head, I realize not only how blessed I am that I was born in America, but that all of us, whether born here or not have much to be grateful for. Here are some photos (not necessarily good) of that event, on July 4. What made me tear up during the Alameda parade (which is the longest parade in the US, according to those who keep track of such things) is how the audience cheered for those of various religions, various ethnicities, and various sexual orientations. It was more than a parade. It was honoring everyone's right to be here! Riding in trucks.... ...or riding on bikes...this year's parade was amazing! Jeeps stuffed with folks! Big hats....with a big band! A land-locked boat but with wind coming over the port side. Every group was represented!   And this group made sure of it!  As my son said in an email to me on 7-4, God Bless America! Live richly! marilyn