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Follow me on my Alameda Real Estate blog... I don't always pay attention to current events. I don't do Twitter, don't feed my Facebook pages too often. I guess I'm rather anti-social. No, anti-social media. Who has the time? Well, I guess our President does. I think he takes his cell phone to bed with him. I knew there was an eclipse. I knew our town would be in the path of it...only 75% of the sun obscured. Not the "Totality." Sunday evening I decided I needed to get some eclipse glasses. Every store said "Really? NO!" Besides, I was quite sure we would be fogged-in, because that's what we do during the summers...get fogged in, and then we get un-fogged by about noon. Being an island in San Francisco Bay, we've learned to live with the fog. It beats the heat just a few miles inland! The internet told me where I could go...but the internet couldn't guarantee 2 things: 1. That I could get the proper glasses.