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And then I started thinking....

Follow me on my Alameda Real Estate blog ! Kind of like the eclipse (it seldom happens but it's astounding when it does), in the last 12 days I had my hair cut, a mani/pedi done, my teeth cleaned, and my face cleaned up. I don't even remember when these items last happened in such a short time period. I felt like a million bucks. And then I started thinking about how often does the first of the month happen to be on a Sunday? Turns out google knows via the website (which is kinda fascinating). And it's more often than I thought. Oct 1st will be the next time a Sunday is the first of the month. And then I started thinking about the autumnal equinox. I mean, who doesn't? Maybe the question should be 'What are you talking (thinking) about, Marilyn?' This is my favorite time of year....autumn, fall, the space between summer and winter. The light outdoors is so sharp during the fall, even though there's less of it. As a very rank amat