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Get in line....

You first heard that in pre-school. And it has been said to you throughout your life.

But my plane ticket said. "TSA - free." I didn't pay for it and I don't know anybody that would pay for it, for me. That was sometime ago...maybe a full year. It was amazing!

Thinking this through while I was still at home, I felt I was prepared for anything to do with boarding or deplaning. I bottled up my cleanser into a very small container (TSA approved). Had a very small tube of toothpaste. I was planning on carrying my luggage on board, along with my backpack. All seemed fine.

I didn't have any jewelry (except my earrings in my ears). Had my tablet out of the cover. Slid off my sandals. Had my boarding pass. Had my jacket.

OH NO! Argh, I forgot to remove my belt. Busted.

But for reasons unknown to me, I've had a full body search done to me, after each time I've gone through the body scanner. That's been the case for the last 4 flights I've made! Most recen…