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A really tall tree....

Follow me on my Real Estate Blog.... The Second Story Sometimes I know exactly what I want to write. Other times, I haven't a clue. I write because it gives me a sense of discipline. It gives me something other than the daily 'stuff'' that flows in, around, and by me. This past week I wrote to a friend, quite spontaneously, the following: You have been a really tall tree, in a really dense forest, looking over all the details. The friend responded immediately, that the family member... "...has taken a keen interest in trees and has been drawing oak leaves.  So your tree analogy is perfect." Who knew? Certainly, I did not!  I seem to write with no purpose in mind, but by doing so I find a purpose within 'no purpose.' I think I write because I talk with my mind (not out loud like a crazy person). I listen better to what others are saying, (except when they just rattle on and that's when I want to run away).