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What worked last year, what didn't?

Follow me on my real estate blog... The Second Story  From my iphone in Alameda...San Francisco during the holidays. I ask myself these questions each year. It makes me think about the previous year, whether I want to or not! Maybe you'll come up with your own answers...maybe you'll share them with me! Looking back to 2017 What's your biggest personal accomplishment? Discovering that I've got too many places to hide my stuff.  Have space...will fill. I'm over it! Under beds, in closets that don't get used these days, in drawers that don't get used these days. TMS. Too much stuff.  What brought this on? I needed to get ready for Christmas. I pulled out the stuff. Then I went to put it away...and realized I needed to give a huge amount away or donate it or throw most of it out, because nobody wants it...including me. argh!  Who collects silver baubles? Spoons? Small bells that fit on shelves? All of it needs polishing. Somebody