Christmas clean up.

My kids, with their kids, left Alameda for Napa over the Christmas vaca. It was a wonderful time for them, and me, and they got to see their friends (and their kids) who live close to, or in, Alameda.

I'm simply amazed at how busy all of them are from the nearly 1 yr old to the 3.5 year old and their parents!!

Alameda by the bay. 12-17
Then I realized that when Carl and I had our kids, we were part of an age group that was much younger, than our own kids are now! Like 10-15 years younger! YIKES! No wonder I felt worn out!

I didn't think to ask them if they would be coming back to Alameda, after I met them for Christmas Day with all of their extended family in the North Bay. We know what  assume means -ass out of u and me!. So I assumed incorrectly!

I had enough wash to do at home so I took the big stuff over to the laundromat - like the heavy futon cover and the sleeping bag that the kids put on the floor for their kids. Better not to over-pack my washer, and shove those items into the BIG washers at the laundry store.

As I was feeding the coins into the machine ($7.50 per washer so $15 bucks worth of quarters), I felt like I was playing the quarter slot machines in Reno. Thinking that nobody would want to take the wet laundry, I headed over to Starbucks for a de-caf beverage and a slice of lemon bread (their's is  the best!)

Back at home, it was easy enough to wrap up the dry sleeping bag into a sail bag. But the Futon...uh, I didn't see a label that said how to wash it. But it may have shrunk.

I was putting everything I had into stuffing/wrestling with that futon into the cover. I was attempting to fit an elephant into a mouse trap! I could barely move in that bedroom, much less get the zipper around the bed/cushion, to seal the deal.

Dear Lord, please give me the wisdom and/or the strength to get this done. After being quiet for about a minute, I somehow pulled the both sides of the zipper together and very slowly worked my way around that futon. Then I needed to fold that futon into the couch-like thing a futon should be.

The kids came back to Alameda, and left the next day at 5am. They got home just fine. I stayed in my pj's for most of the day.

Live richly, marilyn


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