Milking cows. Squeezing oranges.

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The Second Story

I'm not sure if offered the opportunity, I would accept the offer to milk a cow. Maybe I could hook the cow up to those machines, but I'm quite sure it would take some time to train me to do it properly.

However, this past week I was given some oranges from a neighbor's tree. They looked great: round, big, and I've heard through the grapevine (maybe the orangevine), that they are juicy.

Since the first of this year, I've been clearing out stuff that's in my house, that I don't/won't use anymore. One of those items is on the top shelf of one my kitchen cabinets...tall enough that I needed to get more than a step stool to get it down.

Since I had the oranges I decided to get the juicer off the top shelf and onto the countertop. I think my son and daughter-in-law gave this to me several years ago, with the best of intentions of me using it. Step 1 done.

I had about 20 pieces of fruit. After putting the juicer together, the process came back to me, somewhat.

Now I don't know what juicers do today, but I'd hope that they would peel the oranges. This juicer...not so much. While peeling off the rinds was not wasn't that hard either. But that's a lotta rind. Step 2 done. 35 minutes.

I put 2.5 -  3 oranges into the juicer. There was a lot of pulp so I emptied out the pulp container and continued on. Smelled pretty good.

But it started getting kinda messy. More pulp. And more rind underneath my fingernails (which are very strong and don't break). Step 3 done. 30 minutes.

Since I was done...loaded the pulp into the biobag and juice into the container. Time to clean up.

What a mess. I decided to take a quick sip of the juice. Uh, not so good. I decided to put it into the fridge: being cool would make it better. Step 4 done. 40 minutes (took 10 minutes to get the large dishwasher-proof parts into the dishwasher.)

Step 5 done. 40 minutes to clean up the juice mess, everywhere: on the floor (now sticky), all over the countertops, plus mopping the floor.

Next morning I tried the juice. Not good. Maybe if I left in the fridge for another couple of days it would get better.

Tuesday, as I was riding my bike to a meeting, I realized I could stop by the Farmers Market and get some fruit for lunch. Those tangellos were awesome! Plus I only paid $1 for 2 of those and an apple! How can you beat that? I felt guilty not drinking my own homemade juice.

I guess I'll be tossing my orange juice into the strainer and down the drain, keeping the pulp out of the drain. More pulp. No more juice.

I'll be at Trader Joes, picking up some combo juices :mango, banana, orange juice.Let me know if you are interested in my juicer. And it has a book to explain what to do with whatever you juice.

I'm sharing Meyer lemons from my tree. Down the hatch. Bring on the cows.

Live richly, marilyn


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