Vogue or rogue...when did the Winter Olympics...

.....feature downhill, backward skiing?

I will admit, I do (or did) know how to ski.

I learned when I went with some neighbors to Sun Valley, Idaho. I learned to ski during the day, and would take care of the kids while the parents went out for the evening. It was a fair trade...since they paid for my ski rentals and my lift tickets.

And Sun Valley did exactly that...those folks taught me to ski! Over the years we've been pay that forward to our kids.

But, really, when did this downhill, backward skiing become vogue, or better yet, rogue?

I'm a bit intrigued by the people who partake in these events.

1. In the two (wo)man bobsled -the person in front is the pilot (not a driver). I thought pilots flew airplanes (in that case, I am/was a pilot).

The back person is the brakeman or should it be brakewoman? Near as I can tell, once these folks shove themselves into the bobsled, the back person can't even be seen! I guess s(he) is along for the ride and the stability?

I've never been good at handling g-loads (i.e.  taking the curves/turns) and those bobsledders pull up to 4+g's. Ugh. My stomach and head cringe when I think about it.

I never barfed when I was flying but g loads sometimes come very unexpectedly. And they are definitely expected when doing aerobatics and flying through various horizontal and vertical wind conditions. bleck!

2. Luge vs Skeleton - it doesn't matter which is craziest. One is feet first on a board, and the other is head first on a board. Gives me the screamies!

3. Timing - when the clock stops...and the announcer says 'They won by 3 100ths  of 1 second!" I can't even do the math on that!

4. Curling - I know it's been around for a long time. But give me a broom and I'll be sweeping up the dust anywhere, not trying to maneuver a heavy disc to go in a certain direction.

Bottom line....ALL of the participants are winners. And all of us spectators are in awe of each Olympian.

Live richly, marilyn 💪🏂

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