I wonder who she was talking about?

A good friend sent this to me tonight. She emails me various items and I always laugh at them or gasp at them!

This time I kind of grunted and I sighed and wondered why.

On one of my notepads I've written two words.

                 Incite / Insight.

Without being too political, our current presidential leader tends to 'incite' which means "to encourage or stir up (violent or unlawful behavior)."

As my mother used to tell me, often  "Think before you speak."
Now that is insightful.

Live richly, marilyn

PS if you're reading this, and live nearby...you're all invited to my 11th Annual Shredding Party on March 31, Saturday 9-noon! It's free to you.

If you think you have too much to shred, you'd need to beat the record that was set a couple of years ago - 82 boxes! She didn't need to pay to shred....but she did leave a nice donation for Alameda Meals on Wheels...and you can too, if you are so inclined!

Now that's living richly! marilyn

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