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I don't often go to Costco in the evening, but I was out and about and I needed some critical items, before I ran out of them: like a chicken, some tangerine juice, some toilet paper (who doesn't find 45 rolls of t.p. in one package?), and those nutty chocolate 'healthy" bars of goodness.

And then I realized. Once I checked out, I had no idea where my car was. And I'm not sure if I had ever used that button on my keyfob- that should tell you where the car is. In fact, I didn't know if that button was something that would scream, or if the horn would blast into the night, or maybe the lights would flash.

As I started the search using the keyfob, I didn't hear any horn, didn't see any lights, and didn't hear a scream.

OK. I gave up. I told the nice uniformed man who was outside the entrance, I couldn't find my car. Good news...he spoke mostly English. I can barely speak English in times of stress.

So off he went, holding that button, high in the air, and me and my cart following. Nothing. OMG. Really?

And then he went down another row. Nothing. And another row. And YES! The lights were flashing and there was my CADEAU (French for gift).

The pep squad gave me those personalized plates in 1971 to go with my new-to me 1967 VW bug. My folks gave me $800 and I was out in the world, shopping for a blue VW. The plates have changed but several decades later, the license is still the CADEAU.

What did I learn? Always park in the same row (I usually do). This time I did not. I learned what would happen when I pressed the button on my keyfob. I could find my car. And I really learned that I'm not the only one who loses a car. I felt like a fool. He told me loads of folks do it. I felt much better.

And like a VW (the people's car), my white Toyota Corolla is the new version of the Nissan, the Ford, the Chevy, etc.

Live richly, marilyn

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