Tick in the night.

I usually don't have any problems getting to sleep.

But the other night I was a bit restless. And when I was still, I heard this noise. Oh my gosh.

It was a slight sound and then I realized there was a pattern to it. I counted what I thought was 41 seconds and it would tick. omg!

Was it a mouse, or mice, or rats under the floor? Was it a nocturnal animal, outside? Was it a baby animal looking for its mom? Was it termites chewing up my house?

This clearly brought back memories from last year. I got up to pee in the middle of the night and there was a mouse scattering across the floor. I tried to chase it out of the house, but it went into a void near the dishwasher. OMG!

And of course, there was the rat trap I set in the basement, behind the utility doors, on a concrete wall about 5 feet high. This little exercise was generated by the guy who looked after my furnaces, once per year. Now Rudy is retired! No rat. This went on for weeks.

Then I smelled a rat. I really did smell a rat and the trap wasn't anywhere. Maybe it fell on the dirt side of the wall. And maybe the rat was trapped (because of the smell). So I got out the step ladder, wrapped my hand with a big black plastic bag, and felt around the dirt.  O M G!  I got the rat, the trap, threw it into the bag and ran outside and tossed it into the garbage.

Which brings me back to this week. I couldn't figure out a pattern, except for the 41 seconds between the tick. The only other pattern was that I could hear it at night.

I do a pretty good job of ignoring what I don't want to know. And then this morning, after my daily reading, I heard it. I was quiet. And the timing was 41 seconds. I looked around. And I discovered what it was!

It was my battery-powered clock. And the second hand would make a sweep every 60 seconds, and each time it grazed the minute hand. My count was a bit off, it was actually every 60 seconds.

Good news here! I gently bent the second hand so it wouldn't touch anything. And I have my peace, once again. No ticks, no mice, no rats, no termites. Well, I can't be sure of the termites, but I don't see any evidence of them....for now. 

Thank goodness I'm not writing about ticks that get under your skin.
(Cute kids, dontcha think?)

Live richly, marilyn

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