Well done.

This is not a post about doing something good or great.

Just over 2 weeks ago, daughter Sutter came from New Zealand for a visit. I was actually the shuttle driver to SFO and OAK airports for her, either early in the mornings or very late at nights. Oh well.

Trying to please her kind of makes me nervous. It drives her nuts when I say 'I don't know.' Oh well.

Before she showed up, I was heating up some bacon. No, not cooking the bacon. Heating up the bacon. I usually fry a pound of bacon all at once, and then I put it into a plastic container.

Doing it that way, I can heat up a couple of slices of the bacon in the microwave. And I only smell up the house once, instead of several times.

So that was my plan: set the timer to 20 seconds, and the power to 70%.  Then I lugged some laundry down to the washer. Then I heard the smoke alarm.

As I made my way upstairs, getting closer to the kitchen, the alarm stopped. But it was quite smokey. No, it was very smokey.

OMG I had set the timer for 2 minutes, not 20 seconds.

I'd never done this before. And I've never seen this before. The plastic container AND the top of the container, which was loosely set over the bacon, had completely melted. In the meantime, I was having a meltdown.

And the bacon was nowhere to be seen. Oh, there it was: a black, smoking mess combined with a black, smoking container. I quickly put on some mitts and pulled the smokin' mess out and put in on the back porch.

Next thought - what should I tell Sutter? The truth. The truth sometimes sounds like fiction. Oh well.

Once I got the smoke out of the house and figured out that there wasn't a fire anywhere in or out of the house, I started spraying room freshener all over. I tried to chisel the mess from the microwave platter to no avail. I was afraid I'd chisel my arm off, it was so glued to the platter.

I had to leave so I left all of the windows open, and closed the door behind me.

Once I returned, I decided to order a new platter for the microwave. Let's see how good Amazon is, I told myself.  Thank goodness the platter hadn't melted and I could see a model number on the back. After some searching on Amazon, I found some kind of a match...the dimensions were the same. I ordered it. 2 day delivery! And, it worked!

Bottom line: Sutter seemed to have a great trip, seeing friends from all over the US.

Well done, daughter! Well done!

Live richly ( and don't burn the bacon), marilyn 

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