Mental meltdowns.

I'm a creature of habit. No, not the burger joint..although they a great.

I bought a new camera...I mean a new phone...I mean a new cell phone (that comes with a camera and duh, yes, I've had iPhones with cameras ever since I got my first iPhone).

I went to the local ATT store. ATT is my provider. Actually, I provide $$ to them, so they can stay in biz. For the last 3 months, I've received text messages from them that I've exceeded my 'data' allocation. ATT has been adding a fee, so I can have more data.

Honestly, I don't even know what data is. I mean I know what gasoline runs my car (no, I don't have a Tesla). But I don't know what makes "gas" gas!

At the same time, I also decided to try the new Gmail...apparently, it has some upgrades. 'They' call them upgrades. I call them totally confusing.

These two events lead to mental meltdowns.

It should be simple to get a new phone. It is not. 

I need to find out what's going on (not 'the why' of what's going on) but because I do things like mental checklists. Then I write them in my computer calendar and my cell phone calendar and the devices talk to each other. How? I have no idea!  I write notes to myself, also in/on my phone. That's how I get through each day.

When some computer/device folks decide to make a few changes, those of us like me (I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one), are trying to figure out a pattern. And it takes me as little as three times to get it, or as much as 12 times to get it. But once I get it...I really do get it!

Now my phone is telling me I need to let it know where I'm located. I'm not sure I want to do that.

And I just figured out that while I can take photos, but there's no place to download them to. argh.

This too shall pass, once I get in sync, in the habit, and use the patterns. I'm going to call my computer guy on Monday and see if he can show me those patterns.

live richly, marilyn


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