Our local public radio station, KQED, fm 88.5 was broadcasting a 6 part series:  

(The above is a link to these programs.) 

Seeing the world through my eyes only...
Alameda Point (aka Naval Air Station) as it waits for a real makeover.
...it's only a question of time that both the walls and bridges need to and/or will come down, whether it be decades or centuries.

In that time period, much can be done but it's all mental, before it can become physical. 
It has to be thought before it becomes 'something.'

People can dig holes under walls, climb over them, blow them up, build them up. 

People can float under bridges, walk over them, blow them up, 
or allow them to rot in disrepair. 

In all cases, it's all about fear. Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real! 
What is false is always false, no matter who//what/where/where/why/and how! 

What people in high places say needs to be questioned! 
And that's the bottom line. How the question is asked will elicit a decent or ugly response. 

And that's why I love America. 
We're groups of people, all kinds, learning and teaching each other. 

And we can't let freedom disappear. 

Walls will come down, but bridges (well maintained) will bring us together. 
Too simple. Very challenging. Rise up! Get on with it.

Live richly, marilyn. 


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