MONversation, again.

I don't subscribe to any local newspaper. I get all of my news from NPR/KQED.

I will say that the local Alameda Sun is a close 2nd for very local news. And the Alameda NOT about anything that is A-town related. What a waste of newsprint. 

I do get the CA online edition of the New York Times. Not sure who/how I got it (maybe one of my kids?), but it's good.

But what I really love is my subscription to The Christian Science Monitor. I've been getting a weekly, printed edition, but I also get it online with the daily edition, for the most recent news. It's balanced, well-written, and full of facts and context.

As I was driving to Pleasanton, late this afternoon for a meeting, I had my own MONversation with one of the KQED hosts. I call it a MONversation, because it's one-sided, and I can't really talk to the other person. So it goes out of my nowhere.

I can't remember what the conversation was about. And I responded out loud to those questions with exactly the same answers just before the interviewee! Well, well, well, I patted myself (mentally) on my own back.

I started thinking that talking out loud to myself in my house, or in my car, is perfectly normal..and I still think it's normal. It's a bit like singing in the shower (which I don't do).

Then I realized that most everybody does this but on their phones...on the street, crossing the street, while riding their bikes, in restaurants, completely oblivious to anything going on around them. 

Okay, what's the problem with the above scenario? Nobody is listening. We're all talking but nobody is listening. 

IMHO...we need to shut-up, and start listening to each other: not lecturing. Maybe we will have some aha moments while listening. Then when the other is finished, then perhaps
that same person will shut-up and listen.

I'm done...I'm listening...but it's late at night..and nobody is speaking.

Good night.

PS: I just now decided to write a check (a donation) to the Alameda Sun, to keep up the good work.

Live richly, marilyn


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