Un-link me.

I went out to dinner with a couple of friends earlier this week. I rode my bike there, and they walked. 

At one point, somebody said.. "Look around! Most every person in this restaurant has their eyes focused on their phones!" And it wasn't just solo folk who were doing it! 

I'm quite amazed by those who ask to join my Linked In group/sphere/world. 

I glance at their profile and I think why do they want to know me? Or better yet, why do I want to know them?

Actually, I think it's a number's game, kind of like having a bunch of 'friends' that you don't even know. 

And from what I've figured out...a lot of these folks are paid to 'dial for dollars', or in today's lingo 'punch the keys for profits.' 

And while I'm at it (bitching and complaining about social media), I don't tweet, have never tweeted and don't plan on tweeting - ever.

But, in fairness, I must say this about tweeting. If your cell phone is still working, and power lines are down or there's an outage, and it's an emergency, tweet away! 

And here's another thing that makes me crazy! People who walk across the street with their head down, reading their devices. 

Or here's another good one....folks that ride their bikes while both hands are on their cellphone and their head is looking down! YIKES!  

Okay. I'm through. Any of you who want to look at another human being and talk with them, (note that I said with them), I'm available. 

Live richly, marilyn


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