Do you remember....

....when typing was taught to students in high school?  These days I think the little kids teach themselves, and who really cares about technique? Plus, there's auto-correct if mistakes are made.

It's just like riding a bike..and just this past year, my 3-year-old grandson was riding a bike but using his feet (the bike had no pedals)! Today, that kid is now 4 years old and is pedaling like crazy, and balancing perfectly.

Back in the day, some companies had these typist jobs...(like the one I had) as Clerk-Typist 2, for the state of CA.

I was talking to one of my fly-boys this week.  (These are the males who I had great patience with while I learned to fly: gliders, single engine land planes, multi-engine planes, plus I had the opportunity to fly a blimp, and fly a hot-air balloon.)

These days we don't always call or email each other...and that's fine by me. We each have lives of our own.

But yesterday, George suddenly said to me "Do you remember when I asked you to type something up for me?"  I had completely forgotten about it that event came back to me as though we were standing at Sky Sailing Airport.

"Hey Marilyn, I want you to type this up for me."

Being very wary of how I would respond, I said back to him, "I don't know how to type."

He looked dumbfounded. "No, I need you to type this up for me."  And I was adamant that I didn't know how to type. And I stuck to my story. And he gave up and walked away.

One for me. But who's keeping score? Oh, that would be me.

live richly, marilyn

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