Give me a Lyft....

My previous experience with an Uber driver was not good.

(I wrote about it in one of these blog posts: the first Uber driver picked me up at home and took me to the DMV so I could get a replacement license that I thought I had lost. The second Uber driver picked me up from the DMV and he picked up another passenger. The driver started talking about all of his guns. Then I realized that they both now knew where I lived and holy s__t.) 

Today I dropped off my car @ the Toyota dealership to see if my car was affected by a recall. Good news. It wasn't. But the CADEAU was there for about 4 hours. And I had things I needed to do.

I didn't want to hang around at the dealership for hours. Toyota used to offer a van and a driver to take folks home and pick them up, while their car was being serviced. Not anymore.
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Now they've made arrangements with Lyft to be the drivers. It makes great sense. They pay the Lyft drivers, and I'm able to get to and from the site more efficiently. And of course, there's the basic avoid lawsuits.

The first driver was a lovely, gorgeous black woman...and the conversation was great. I asked her how long she'd been a Lyft driver (2 months), working part-time, to make some extra $$$ so she and her husband and daughter could purchase a house. Rent was too high, and not to own a home was a waste of money. 

The second driver who showed up to take me back to the dealership was a wonderful black man, and we were talking about the hurricanes, climate change, and the government (i.e. Trump), Obama, and some famous decent Republicans.

Suddenly I realized that I was being more like James Gordon in his Carpool Karaoke TV bits: cracking up and singing!

And then we arrived at the house. I said to the driver, I'd write about my experiences today, and how much fun it had been, mostly because of Lyft.

That's the real lesson here. Sure, we need to keep our guards up, but we also need to trust people. And then we can talk, joke, sing, maybe even make a dent in the world's problems, as we drive to our destinations. 

Live richly, marilyn


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