This past Tuesday evening was the first night of the 2018 The Oakland Speakers Series. The venue is the Oakland Paramount Theatre. Every speaker raves about the ornateness of the theatre. The theatre seats 3040. This year only 40 seats (tickets) became available.

I'm not sure how/who got us started attending these. Sure there's been some dud speakers, but yes...there have been some really great speakers! (Carl's now been gone for 16 years and we may have attended it for 3-5 years before he passed on?)

Each year I think about not purchasing those tix...but each year I do. And last night was a great event, opening with Annie Griffiths, a National Geographic Magazine photographer.

I had tears in my eyes as she described each insight to what she's trying to do. And she has traveled the world with her 2 kids! What a life she's shown them!

After the presentation, my friend, Betty, and I worked our way back to my car. The open lot was nearly empty. As I unlocked my car...I saw glass. I looked at the small window along the back, on the driver's side. (The window replacement guys call that the 'vent' window which replaces the small old-style window that you could open from within the car from the front seats and get air into the car. Get it? Vent!)

I had tears in my eyes (not from the photo presentation) but from looking for any other damage. Only the one window was smashed. But that back seat had been pulled open which leads to the trunk. Thank goodness there was only real estate stuff back there...and they didn't want that.

My toolkit box/bag had a roll of blue tape that painters (and Realtors) use to make straight lines (and tape up signs). Betty and I left the glass inside the car, and did our best to cover that window, inside and out, with that blue tape.

The next morning I called my auto insurance company. They verified the coverage would not cost me anything (including any deductible). They gave me several choices but on different days. I kept saying no. I'd like it done that day.

The good news is that I didn't have to drive on the freeway, and it was close to Alameda. Glass on the Move took less than 30 minutes to replace the window and vacuum out the broken glass.

My job was small potatoes compared to those who came in after me. One woman had avoided being hit by a metal hook that came through her windshield! She drove the car right to the glass company! Yikes!

Some of the workers had said the glass-smashing-window-gig was keeping them plenty busy. The kids who were doing it seemed to have nothing else to do.

Yesterday I told several folks about what had happened. I was shocked that so many had gone through that same experience! And some of them over and over again!

I said a prayer last night....saying thank you to God, for protecting us, and praying that these kids may find something meaningful to do. I guess they could create stained glass windows, and they could be beautiful and inspirational.

The next time I find an opportunity to mix it up with some of these's time for me to listen. Just listen.

Live richly, marilyn


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