I sent this to a good friend a couple of days ago. 

Change is coming fast & furiously. 

I find it sometimes difficult but 

I don’t want to be left behind 

in the cloud of dust and debris 

where I can’t even see the path. 


link to lenticular clouds
These clouds indicate that:
1. it's smokin' windy aloft
2. that there's a mountain range upwind
3. that other lennies may show up downwind of the first cloud.

And pilots of gliders/sailplanes are licking their lips, wanting to be towed aloft through the turbulence  Then you hit the lift which is silky smooth...you know that you are in the wave. I went to 23,000 - 26,000 feet over Lake Tahoe, getting some type soaring badge for that flight. To stay legal under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) you need to see the ground. In between the lennies it can be really rough...both you and the plane getting totally beaten up...wings bending, you're trying to wrestle with the stick, keeping the nose down to gain speed to move up into the primary wave.

Live richly! marilyn


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