My mom used to tell me....

In this very divisive society in which many politicians have been saying anything to divert those who are listening to (or tolerating) what they say....I suddenly remembered what my mother used to tell me....

"Marilyn, it's not what you's how you say it."

Apparently, I had a rather sharp tongue and tone. (I may still have that, but nobody tells me that I do, but my late husband did bring it up.) I've replaced that with my silent gazing at people and shaking my head, wordlessly, and walking away, much like Carl did.

Image result for monty python i came here for an argumentSuddenly, I remembered Monty Python and their bit about "I've come for an argument." Gads, Carl and I used to howl over these. These days I don't want to cause arguments, I'd rather see them solved, dissolved, or resolved.

Month Python's Argument Clinic

The election this past week was mighty full of lies, mis-truths, disinformation, misinformation, and one way stops, with the other side peeling out and over  anything that was said by the 'opponent.'

Our 'fearless leader' of the U.S.A, revoked the press pass of a reporter and did so by yelling at him continuously so the reporter couldn't get a word in edgewise.

I am so sick of the fliers, mailers, anti-this, anti-that door hangers. This clearly is a winning season for the US Post Office and those companies that print and push out this stuff.

I love our postal worker, Shane. Always so upbeat, even when he's down and heavy laden with those mailers.  But there's got to be another way to get every body's message out without harming, hurting, or slandering people.

Now I think it's the time to get the laws re-written, revised, or re-called. We need some decency...and only us peons can rise up and make the changes. Maybe.

Live richly, marilyn


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