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I'm no Giada or Ina

I proved it recently... Giada and Ina are Food Network stars. I am NOT! The Sunday before Thanksgiving, I came home from church, flipped on the TV to keep me amused while I did things around the house. Well, the pros chefs roped me in just like a cowboy (gal) pulls in a bull, ties it up, and walks away. I had invited a few gal pals over for Thanksgiving, saying they could bring something but I'd get the turkey sandwiches and the fixings. This tradition came from two sisters (one of which really liked to entertain but shared the food fixings amongst us), and the other liked having us all over and usually found a way to order we could enjoy other festivities.   I thought...I can do that...and that...and that. It will be easy! Well, that's what I thought. What I did was roast a turkey (I have done it for years), and made a cake, and made a cranberry cheese log. My friends still brought stuff.  I was up past midnight for 2 nights, and got up at the cra