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Trains, tracks, old, quality.

Take a look at my Alameda Real Estate blog this week...The Second Story
I've been busy clearing out my STUFF...still!  It's rather amazing what comes out of a box or a stack of paper.

This past week I found the quotes, below, that I had posted on my bulletin board but later I had tossed into a box.

These quotes are from Metropolis Magazine and I cut them out from the January, 2005 issue. They are attributed to Charles and Ray Eames. This magazine is full of the newest ideas/items found in architecture/furniture/materials and more, that designers/creators/makers come up with.

If you aren't familiar with the Eames, you'll learn about them from their official website.(Ray was Charles wife and for the longest time I thought they were brothers)  My bad.

My husband, Carl, didn't know the Eames...but he lived his life the same way: based on quality. He was a yacht/boat designer and bought/created quality. My daughter and son and their spouses also purchase quality. Me? no…