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Nosey neighbors....

See my Alameda real estate blog.... The Second Story Love your neighbors. Even if you don't like them, or care for them. That's what my Sunday School teachers told me. Last of the roses, pruning them for the new blooms! I was having a mani/pedi with my favorite nail artist yesterday. This is a treat that I give myself every three weeks. She's opened up her own shop...and it's truly lovely! In the nothingness of my mind (so relaxed) she quietly asked me if the city would allow fireworks for the Chinese New Year? h, yeah... no. There is a law in this town that prohibits shooting off fireworks...anywhere, and especially on the day of the birth of this nation. I think that it's there because there are so many old wood houses, so many ancient houses/properties, and so many buildings are so close becomes a disaster in my head! But something came to my mind...hey, I had a story about fireworks. This happened when we had one small child. We